Frustrated معنى

frustrate translations: 使氣餒, 使灰心,使氣餒, 阻止, 阻撓,阻止;挫敗. SYNONYMY NOTE: to frustrate means to deprive of effect or render worthless an effort directed to some end; , thwart, balk both mean to frustrate by blocking someone or something moving toward some objective; , foil 1 means to throw off course so as to discourage further effort or make it of no avail; to , baffle is to defeat the efforts of by bewildering or confusing [the crime baffled the police] frustrated translation in English-Croatian dictionary

    فيوسيدرم ب للوجه
  1. disappointed; thwarted
  2. The rescue attempt was frustrated by bad weather
  3. تسعدنا
  4. To stop something from continuing or developing
  5. That makes you cranky, frustrated and tired the next day
  6. Estoy completamente frustrada
  7. Having been defeated in a contest
  8. frustrated: You are frustrated with your work
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  10. Frustrate definition, to make (plans, efforts, etc
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